Which drinking game is best for a stag party? Beer Pong!

Which drinking game is best for a stag party? Beer Pong!

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Beer Pong is one of 'stag activities which fits in naturally with the evening you're planning. It's a fun game that will make you feel at least (slightly) tipsy. Not only is it affordable for everyone, but it's ridiculously easy to set up a Beer-Pong. If you've never played Beer Pong before, all you have to do is split into two teams and try to throw your balls into the other team's glasses. We've documented all the official beer pong rules to make things easier for you.

What to do for a stag party ?

We can offer you several drinking games ideasbut our favourite is the Beer-Pong. Beer can be swapped or mixed with vodka or Jack Daniels, but also with wine (who drinks wine at a stag party?). If the groom does not drink alcohol, You can replace beer with a non-alcoholic alternative, such as sparkling water, or eliminate drinking games altogether. For stag party games, you can customise the game mechanics to suit the groom and the circumstances of the party.


Customise your Beer-Pong table !

Personalised beer-pong table


You cancustomise any game for a stag party to suit the theme or location of the party (for example, if you're in a lakeside cabin, a must is to swim naked in the lake!). Almost all adult games, and even some children's games, can be modified for a stag party, including alcohol punishments, betting opportunities and general fun. These games and their variations offer some of the best ideas for fun drinking games for stag parties. Here's a drinking game idea that will make the weekend get-together a lot more fun and exciting.

Luckily, there are plenty of stag party games that will make your friends laugh, get them drunk and create some incredible memories. It's not that complicated to'organise a stag party. Whether it's for a little competition, to recover from an epic hangover or simply to create unforgettable memories, these game ideas are among the best stag party ideas (along with Las Vegas, strippers and party buses).

A few tips for your stag party beer pong

Remember that safety comes first (although the choice is yours) when playing stag party games and taking lots of photos. Make a list of the rules that everyone must follow during the party. You'll want to organise a before party with a pool that no one will want to leave and an after party that will attract all the new friends you've made during the evening. A good way to get the party started is of course with a cocktail, followed by a fun game or two to get the party started like a Beer-Pong.

Some bars and pubs will even let you play Beer Pong on their tables if you ask nicely and don't make too much of a fuss. If you're determined to stay in the area, you can order a folding Beer-Pong table You'll need a few plastic cups, a few ping-pong balls and lots of beer. All you need is a few plastic cups, some ping-pong balls and lots of beer.

If you want your groom to get drunk quickly, you can play a game where he's in competition with all the other party guests. For example, you could have the "Don't talk about this for the rest of the party" block or the "Ask someone else to drink" block. Whoever has the title at the end of the night wins the game. You play until one team beats all the other teams at Beer Pong. The person or team that wins then receives money from the other eliminated teams.

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