Four Beer-Pong variations

Four Beer-Pong variations

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After spending long hours practising on your beer pong table and having tried every variations of beer pong rules, Are you getting bored? No problem, My BP Table offers you four Beer-Pong variations so you can keep drinking for fun.

Beer baseball

Baseball bat

Like a baseball match: nine innings, three outs per inning, and at the end, the team with the most runs wins.

Start by formingtwo teams with the same number of players. Then place four cups on either side of the table, in a straight line along the centre line of the table. cup on the side, at the edge of the table. Fill each cup with beer - Start by filling the cup furthest away from the opposing team with the most liquid, then fill each other cup with less liquid than the previous one. The cup at the side can be filled to any height.

Plunging a ball into the first cup counts as a single, the second as a double, the third as a triple and the last as a home run. A missed shot counts as a hit. Three strikes count as outs. Players get on base by pushing down a specific cup. The cup on the side is the stealing cup. When a runner is on base, a member of the runner's team can grab the cup and drink from it. While he is doing this, the other team must pick up their own cup and drink it too. The first person to drink their drink and then put the cup on the table wins the flight or is eliminated. During the seventh round, it's a good idea to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to attract the attention of the neighbours.. 

HORSE pong

basketball shades

based on the popular basketball variation , This one-on-one game is all about pure skill. The players sit down at opposite ends of the table and place five cups in a line along the back edge of each side of the table. The players take it in turns to aim at the cups their opponent by taking individual shots. If a player drops a cup on his turn, his opponent must drop the same cup on his turn. If he misses or sinks another cup, that cup is withdrawn. If he pockets the same cup, that cup remains in play. Continue alternating until the winner has no more cups to pocket.

Lob Pong

Lob pong is played with rackets and is a very popular variation from the traditional game of table tennis. It uses many of the same technical rules for serves, faults and scoring. The game is exactly the same as traditional table tennis, with the exception of beer cups half-full cups are placed at each corner of the table. Players can score points either by following the traditional table tennis rules or by hitting or dipping one of the cups. If a player touches his opponent's cup. Not only is this worth a point to the player, but the opponent must also drink the beer. If a player dives a ball into a cup, this counts as two points for the player and the opponent must drink the beer and replace it with a new one. The game ends when a player reaches 21 points.

Slam pong or fast pong

My BP Table

This faster, more aggressive version of lob pong combines aspects of table tennis and volleyball. Each team consists of two players: a server and a slammer. The server places the ball for the slammer, who sends it towards the opposing cups. Unlike Lob Pong, the score is determined primarily by whether the ball lands on or near the cups. Depending on whether the ball hits a cup, sinks into a cup or knocks a cup over, different points and methods of cup consumption are awarded.

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